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Messy Monday


Spring has taken its own sweet time arriving here in Middle America.  We would get a glimpse of her one week only to find snow falling two days later.  After the steady showers we’ve gotten this week, I’d say she’s made a good showing and to celebrate, I thought we’d find some colorful ways to add a little Spring to our homes.

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Herbal Medicine Making Kit Sale…

Hey herbal friends!  Just a quick note here to let you in on a great deal!  If you’re looking for a fantastic gift for yourself or a friend who’s interested in herbs, this is THE gift you want to get!


The Herbal Medicine Making Kit 


*   $10 off the Herbal Medicine Making Kit

*   A $10 coupon off an HerbMentor annual membership
*   Access to the new "Kit Coaching" program, which we’ll eventually charge for in the   future. Free for you!

*   AND Rosalee’s new 93 page eBook, Herbal Remedies for Children During the Cold & Flu Season. This is an amazing book.

After tonight, bonuses will be gone.

Also, tonight, the $10 discount goes away.

This makes an amazing gift, and all the bonuses are easily
transferable to the person you are gifting the Kit to.

*** I can personally recommend this kit.  It was my introduction into the world of herbs and I never could have imagined where it has taken me.  If it weren’t for Learning Herbs I wouldn’t be making and selling my own herbal creations!  Learning Herbs and Herb Mentor have been with me for every step of my herbal journey and I’m so glad I found them in the beginning when I was just starting out.  I am very confident in the information and instruction given by John and the folks at Herb Mentor.  One of the biggest comforts I get is knowing I can trust the advice they give.  John and Kim run Learning Herbs and Herb Mentor with integrity and honesty – definitely the kind of people I want to support! 

As for some kit details, it’s beautifully and safely packaged.  The instructions are very clearly laid out in video and written form.  All the prep work is done for you, leaving you to supply a couple of minor things like alcohol for the tincture and olive oil for the salve.  (They can’t supply your liquor! hehe)  It really is an ‘open the box and go’ kind of kit.  As a new herbalist, this is such a relief.  I promise, anyone getting this gift will not be disappointed. 

They have about 31 kits left at last count.  More kits won’t come til after the New Year. 

Be quick, the sale won’t last long!


Calendula and other herbal oils…

Last week I made some calendula oil in the crockpot and told you we’d strain it up in three days.  So today, we’re straining oil.  I’m going to show you some other herbal oils too.  But first, let’s get our calendula oil. 

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Making calendula oil…

calendulaCalendula is not only a beautiful flower but it’s also a very healing herb.  Calendula, sometimes called pot marigold, is an herb known for its anti-inflammatory, astringent, and antiseptic properties.  It’s commonly used to heal wounds and treat muscle spasms.  These lovely flowers have been used for everything from hair dyes to eye treatments to headaches.  Calendula is by far one of my favorite herbs to work with.  That’s why we’re making calendula oil today. Smile 

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Sheets to skirts…

I love sewing.  I just wish I had more time to do it.  My girls adore the skirts and aprons I make for them and it’s a wonderful way to save on clothing purchases.  A nice long skirt will run you $15 – $30 for a child’s size.  When I have to do some clothes shopping, I’m hoping to get at least 4 pieces of clothing out of that much money!  Well, it’s rare that I do get that many but it’s my target.

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