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Who won the ATG gun???

It’s Friday!  =)  I didn’t forget about you all waiting for the retreat giveaway results.  My daughter and I were slaving away in the kitchen all day preparing and freezing meals for our family.  By the time we got to sit down it was late and I could barely think.  Sorry I left you all hangin’.

So without further ado…

Who won the ATG GUN????


The adorable Tal Rose agreed to help me pick a winner.



And the winner is…


Lisa Polley!

Lisa Polley!

Congrats, Lisa!  You just won yourself a Scotch ATG 700!

You will absolutely LOVE this tool.  If you didn’t win, don’t worry!  I will have more available for purchase (and maybe to win???) at the retreat for a MUCH better price than you will find them anywhere else.  I’m serious.  Do yourself a favor and hold out.  You will be glad you waited for this price.

One quick note before I head out… did you all see the recaps from CHA?  I was especially dazzled by the Tim Holtz booths.  I mean really.  They junk shop all year to create these amazing works of art that I would love to just live in.  If you haven’t seen them yet, you really need to check them out on Tim’s blog.  Start at this post and click through to the next several posts.  They were so amazing it took several posts to share it all.  Even if you just scan for the photos, it’s well worth the time.

You will be amazed and inspired.

Okay all, it’s Friday so I’m outta here to get the weekend cleaning done.  Have a great one!



A vacation album

Is it Friday already?  It seems that I didn’t get much crafting done this week.  Though Monday I got to spend a few hours with a dear friend “crafting”.  Honestly we did a whole lot more laughing and talking than crafting.  But, honestly, that’s one of the best parts, right?  

I’ve been working on this vacation album for a while now.  I constructed it with chipboard using a tutorial from Paper Phenomenon.  She has amazing projects.  I knew right away that I wanted to use the June kit from MemoryWorks and the Cabana kit from Cocoa Daisy to decorate this album so I waited quite impatiently for them both to get here.  It was agony waiting for that Cabana kit.  It’s the July kit (sold out, by the way) and it was a very long month of waiting. 

Here’s a few pics of my progress so far. 

vacation album

vacation album cocoa daisy cabana

vacation albume simple stories


Am I the only one that skips around when putting together an album?  I’ll work on one section for a little bit then move on to something else.  Later I’ll go back to the first and work a little more.  It’s like that til the end for me – a little here and a little there.  I’m never sure what exactly I’ll do until it’s done. 

Aren’t those rub-ons cute?  They’re from K&Company, apart of the Smash line called Nautical Tattoo Rub-ons.  I picked those up at a craft store knowing they’d be perfect for this album.  So glad I did.  Gotta stay true to my motto:

I’d rather regret buying it that not buying it.


=)  So what’s everyone else working on?  Leave me a comment with a link or pictures.  I’d love to see some of your projects. 

Don’t forget to register for the retreat!  There’s just a few days left to enter the contest for the ATG gun.  Register by the 31st of July to get your entry in.  I’ll draw a winner on Thursday, August 1st. 

Happy Friday, y’all!


It’s Friday–Let’s Give Something Away!

Seeing as how it’s Friday and well, that’s always something to celebrate, I think we should give something away.  What do you think? 

I was thinking about how much I love my ATG gun and how really everyone who papercrafts should have one but they’re just so darned expensive… Hey, let’s give one away!

ATG-Kit-300That’s right, my friends.  I have a special giveaway for a special group of people.  Everyone who is registered for the Favorite Things Fall Retreat by July 31st at midnight will be entered in a drawing for their very own ATG 700! 

That means if you’re already registered, you are entered!  If you register in the next couple weeks, you will be entered. 

Don’t forget there is a payment plan to pay part of your registration fee now and pay the rest later and YES if you choose the payment plan you will STILL be entered. 

It’s the weekend, y’all.  Let’s have a good one!


FAQ–Favorite Things Retreat…

Here are some common questions people ask about the retreat.  If this information doesn’t answer your questions, email me at sara (at)


  1. What is photocrafting?  Photocrafting is a term I use to describe all the ways we preserve and share our pictures.  Sometimes that’s in traditional scrapbooks, but it can also include digital scrapbooks, framed photo art, decorative photo displays, or cards to name a few. 
  2. So what is this retreat about?  Are we scrapbooking?  Yes! And a lot more.  While you may scrapbook the entire time, there will also be opportunities to learn about other scrapbooking styles or photocrafting techniques. 
  3. Do I bring my own photos and supplies to work with?  Yes.  Bring as much as you want to work on, including your computer if you want to work on digital scrapbooks. 
  4. What type of tools will be available for public use?  A variety of trimmers, punches, scissors, and a Cricut will be available for any attendee to use.  There will also be a printer available. 
  5. Will you be teaching classes during the weekend?  Do they cost extra?  I will be teaching some classes during the weekend and they are included in the price of registration.  All supplies for the classes with be provided beyond your basic items such as a trimmer, scissors, tape, etc. 
  6. Where is the retreat located?  We will be staying at Holiday Shores Resort in Osage Beach, MO. 
  7. I hear there’s an outlet mall near there.  Are we allowed to leave the resort to shop during the retreat?  Most definitely.  Never pass up an opportunity to hit the outlet mall! 
  8. Will there be products for purchase at the retreat?  I will have a small amount of things available for purchase, but there is a local scrapbooking store if we need to make a run.  =)
  9. Will we be able to scrap all night if we want?  Yes.  We have 24 hour access to the scrapbooking facility and a key to keep everything locked up securely. 
  10. Are the cottages near the scrapping facility?  The cottages are right next to the event center. 
  11. I want to bring a friend and bunk with her.  How can I be sure we get in the same cottage?  This is easy.  Just list your registered friends’ names on the registration form and every effort will be made to get you all in the same cottage.  While we try really hard to get everyone where they want to be, this is still on a first come/ first served basis, so register early
  12. How many of us can fit in a cottage together?  Each cottage will accommodate 8 guests – 6 on standard double beds and 2 on the sofa sleeper. 
  13. Is alcohol or smoking permitted at the retreat?  Smoking is only allowed outside the facilities.  Smoking inside any of the buildings will result in a $200 fee and you must leave the resort.  This is firm.  While alcohol is permitted, we ask that you please be respectful to your fellow retreat attendees.  Please drink responsibly. 
  14. Can I bring snacks or other food?  You may bring any food or drink you wish.  Meals are included in the registration fee for the event.  Snacks and beverages will also be provided, but you are free to bring your own if you like.
  15. How do I register?  You can download the registration form here.  Print out the form and mail it to the address listed. 
  16. How much does it cost?  What type of payment do you accept?  Personal check is accepted by mail or cash is accepted in person. 
  17. What all does the registration fee include?  Your registration includes two nights stay in a cottage at the resort, all meals and snacks beginning Friday evening, all classes, a Welcome gift bag, 24 hour cropping access, and entry in several giveaways that will take place throughout the weekend. 
  18. Are kids allowed to attend?  Sorry, but at this time the retreats are only open to attendees aged 18 years and older. 
  19. What about nursing babies?  We cannot accommodate any children, whatsoever. 
  20. Is this retreat weekend gonna absolutely rock?  Only if you join us!

Favorite Things Registration is here!

After a very, very, very long break…

I am beyond thrilled to announce

that registration for the Favorite Things Fall Photocrafting Retreat is OPENParty smile

Download the registration form here.

I know it has been way too long and this is well overdue, but it’s here!  Now! 

For those of you who don’t know me that well, I’ll tell you I have a past of hosting a good many scrapbooking retreats.  Groups that started out at 10 or 12 grew quickly to 20 and 30.  We’d head out across the Midwest and let me tell you, we shared some adventures.

We made memories, we scrapped memories and sometimes we’d try to forget memories.  But no matter the situation, the times, good or bad, happy or sad, we made the best of a weekend away.  Kid-free, laundry-free, worry-free.  Just fun, friends, and free stuff. 

It’s been quite a few years since the last fun-filled weekend and I am so glad to get back to it.  I hope you will join us this year and explore a world of Photocrafting that never seems to stand still.


You can download the registration form here.

I can tell you, the giveaways this year are unbelievable.  I’ll give you a few hints…


Becky Higgins


Okay, okay, I refuse to give you any more clues to the fabulousness of these prizes!  Let’s just say, You will not be disappointed.  And I’m envious because I’m not eligible for any of it.  Green with envy

Giveaways are a big deal to me, so my ladies can testify that you will not go home empty-handed.  I love to give stuff away and my Welcome packages reflect it.  I really hope you can join us this fall.  I know I can hardly wait!

Have you ever been to a scrapbooking or paper crafting retreat?  How was it?  Tell us about your experience!  I’m always looking for ways to make my retreats more special.