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New inspirations…

Back in the spring I discovered this delightful little tune called “I Do Adore” by an artist names Mindy Gledhill.  When I purchased the song on itunes I also accidentally purchased another called “Anchor”.  At first, I didn’t really listen to the second song as I wasn’t initially interested in it.  It was the catchy upbeat “I Do Adore” that I wanted to hear, seemingly over and over and over again.  But as it frequently happens, one day with the radio on shuffle “Anchor” came on and I wasn’t in a place to quickly fast forward to the next selection and I listened for the first time to the song that had sat unplayed on my phone.  Hmmm, I really like this song too, I thought.

Well about a week ago, I decided that I needed to see what this gal was all about and I listened to the rest of the tracks from the album and turns out… this girl is my soul singer.  It’s like we’re spirit sisters.  She’s saying exactly what I feel in so many of these songs.  So many of the references… they are so me.  Crazy. 

Now, of course, I’m in obsession mode and must listen to the album every silent second of the day.  And in doing so, I feel like I’ve caught hold of a little spark and joy that I’d lost somewhere along the way.  Her music is so refreshing, uplifting, encouraging, and well, happy.  She encompasses that “live the impossible dream” spirit that just refuses to be broken inside me.  I love it. 

Go check out Mindy Gledhill’s Youtube channel and see what I’m talking about.