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Wildcraft sale!

You guys have heard me talk before about the Wildcraft game.  And while completely worth the regular price of $37, you can get it this week for 50% off! 

Wildcraft Board Game

Wildcraft will be on sale this week only for $19.99!  In fact the sale ends May 30th or when they run out – whichever comes first.  They didn’t have many to start out with as this is the spring sale and more won’t be available until the fall.  Once they’re gone, they’re gone until then.  And they probably won’t be this cheap either!

My kids have learned so much about herbs from this game.  They really had no interest in my herbs or plants before Wildcraft and now they identify plants in the wild regularly.  The game adds a fun element to our science studies also.  Whether it’s just for fun or as a homeschool tool, this game is a great investment.  It’s made of high quality materials but with a very personal, handmade feel to the design.  The kids are drawn in by the nature of the graphics and art throughout the game.

If you have any reservations, you may be interested to know that Learning Herbs is offering up many extras with this deal.  They never disappoint when it comes to freebies.  You will also receive with your Wildcraft order:

  1. a dandelion activity book
  2. Mentoring Kids and Nature Connection w/ Jon Young interview
  3. the Herbal Gifts ebok
  4. a full issue of Herbal Roots zine
  5. Herb Fairies book 1
  6. Outdoor Kids, Herbal First Aid for Summer video class

Don’t wait to order yours! Like I said, the inventory is short this time of year and they’ll be long gone by Friday!


Herb Fairies Book Club closes TONIGHT!


Hey guys!  Just stopping in here real quick to remind you that the Herb Fairies Book Club sign up is closing TONIGHT.  If you’re still on the fence and haven’t joined yet, let me encourage you to head over there and take another look.  You really don’t want to miss out on this opportunity for your kids.  They will learn so much.  You will learn so much. 

Let’s take another look at what all you get in this club.

  • HerbFairies-WholeSet

* The 13 Herb Fairy Chapter Books in multiple formats including audio and tablet.

* Magic Keeper’s Journal

* Coloring Book

* Recipes & Cards

* Herbal Roots magazine filled with activities

* exclusive access to the Herb Fairies website

* Added Bonus – Herbal Remedies For Children During The Cold And Flu Season

Recommended for ages 5 – 12, this herbal learning system is a good fit for boys and girls.

And if you are a large family, this deal is even sweeter for you.  The digital nature of the club contents means that you get to teach all of your kiddos for the same cost of just one! 

My kids have learned so much from John and Kimberly.  They make the learning fun and exciting.  It wasn’t very long ago that my kids wouldn’t have had a clue what chickweed looked like or how useful it can be when they are outside playing.  They like to pick chamomile and smell its sticky sweet candy scent. They get excited at the first sign of dandelions, because they know we will make delicious treats with them. 

This is science for them.  This is their world they are discovering.  It’s knowledge they can use practically in their lives now and always. 

I hope you will join us on this Learning Herbs journey.  Today is your last chance to sign up for this adventure until next year.  Don’t miss out! 



Herb Fairies is OPEN!!!


Yay!  Today is the day!  Herb Fairies Book Club registration is now open!!!

I hope you have enjoyed all the fun activities over the last week.  These are just a taste of what the book club is all about and the hands-on learning your child will enjoy. 

On a personal note, I would like to say that I really enjoy everything John and Kimberly of Learning Herbs produce.  They truly have a heart for teaching others about the world of plants and herbs.  Their dedication to this endeavor is evident in the materials they produce.  I just can’t say enough for the integrity of this family and their commitment to helping others.  I would not hesitate to recommend any of their projects or products.  Herb Fairies is a one-of-a-kind program that I know will not disappoint.  You will not regret a single penny, a single moment, a single project learning with your child.


Be sure to watch the video for all the details about the program.  The review is excellent and very helpful.  The video will give more insight into the books, the recipes, the activities, the mp3 books, tablet versions, the journal, coloring book, etc. 

Another fun bonus of this program is the Herbal Roots Zine.  A tremendous resource for your children in and of itself.  This is a wonderful kids’ activity magazine that could be a curriculum all on its own.

Don’t miss out!!  Registration for the Herb Fairies Book Club will close on Saturday!  Don’t wait thinking you will do it later.  You will forget.  You have children.  You will forget. 



And don’t forget to download the free activity pack too!  You can get that by clicking on the picture to the right. 

Leave a comment if you are taking the Herb Fairies journey this year.  Maybe we can do a feature each month of our children’s activities!

Dandelion Flower Cookies…


Hi guys!  I’m back today with more Herb Fairies goodies!  Smile

Today you will get to learn how to make Dandelion Flower Cookies.  I bet you didn’t know you could eat those pesky yellow things scattered throughout the yard.  That is, if you aren’t using any pesticides nearby. 

The kids and I love dandelions much more than my husband.  He looks at them and sees yard work.  We look at them and see delicious treats.  Dandelions make the best herbal funnel cakes.  I never would have guessed my kids would happily eat weeds out of the yard and ask for more.  But, boy, those things are YUM. 

Can’t wait to try the cookies!





If you are just joining us for Herb Fairies or you just haven’t gotten around to it yet, DO download the free activity pack for your kids to enjoy.  It has journal pages, coloring sheets, recipes and more – just a small peek into the Herb Fairies program

On Monday, I’ll share all the details of the program with you.  For now, enjoy the free projects from Learning Herbs’ Herb Fairies!



Happy Saturday!


Herbal Fairies!


(Look below for a free activity pack!)

HerbFairies-WholeSet[1]Okay, so you guys have heard me talk about Learning Herbs and the Wildcraft game before.  This week the Learning Herbs children’s learning system is open once again with the Herb Fairies learning course!  I have been a fan of Learning Herbs for many years and have played Wildcraft countless times with my kids.  They have truly learned a lot just from playing the game.  I’m very excited to introduce you to Herb Fairies and I hope you will join us this year as we learn all about herbs with the Herb Fairies.  Smile

This week you have the opportunity to learn about the program and get some cool free content your kids will love and learn from. 

Just click here to take a look at the fun things Learning Herbs has whipped up for us. 

Today, you can learn how to make violet flower candy with Hailey.


You can still get a free coloring picture of Violet at the link above too.  Just look for the link to the Herbal Film Festival.




And as promised, a free activity pack for the kiddos!  This pack gives you a glimpse into the program but it’s so much more.  I know you will enjoy these fun activities with your littles and I’m sure you will learn as much as they will!

Saturday I will share another goodie from Learning Herbs with you so be sure to stop back by. 





Let me know what you think about the Herb Fairies program!