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Herb Fairies Club is OPEN & a free book!

Just a quick note today to let you know about a great FREEBIE from Herb Fairies.

Registration for the Herb Fairies Book Club is now OPEN and you can also get the first book in the series FREE today! 


Herb Fairies closes Saturday, April 19th, at midnight so don’t wait too long and miss it!


Have a wonderful Easter weekend, friends!


Free Chickweed Pesto Recipe Card

I’ve got another great recipe for you today.  Another chickweed recipe! 

HerbFairies-ChickweedPesto Chickweed Pesto 

Pesto is such a simple dish – even the kids can make it.  Four common ingredients you can easily find in your kitchen and chickweed, you can most likely find that in your yard!

Click here to download your recipe card.

Pesto is a favorite lunch food at our house.  We especially love pepperoni pesto wraps.  They are super easy and a quick lunch. 

Spread your chickweed pesto on a tortilla, top with pepperoni and cheese.  Roll them up and pop them in the oven or the microwave to melt the cheese. 

Herb Fairies enrollment is OPEN!

  herb fairies club

The Herb Fairies Book Club is open just 5 days a year, and it closes this Saturday, April 19 at midnight!

An herbal mentoring experience, your kids will love the activities in the book club. 

  • The Magic Keeper’s Journal
  • Recipe Cards
  • A Coloring Book
  • An Herbal Roots Zine with each book
  • And of course the beautiful Herb Fairies book series your children will love to enjoy over and over

As a parent, you will enjoy the new Parent’s guide, the Herbal Remedies for Children During Cold & Flu Season ebook, and the private Herb Fairies online community. 

Get ready for an adventure you and your children will not forget!

An Herbal Recipe: Chickweed Grilled Cheese…

HerbFairies-Chickweed4 One of the joys of homeschooling is getting to spend our mornings together at the park.  Every morning the kids and I take a walk around our local park for a little fresh air and exercise to start our day.  It was beautiful this morning and the dandelions were beginning to pop up along the trail in the grass.  A couple of the kids ran to pick a bouquet and they all agreed it’s been way too long since we last had dandelion fritters. 

My bunch absolutely LOVE eating dandelions. 

Do you ever eat the “weeds” in your yard?  Those pests are actually nutritious, delicious plants that can provide wonderful nutrients for your family!

Kimberly and Hailey share a recipe today using chickweed that you can probably find in your own yard.  This recipe, chickweed grilled cheese sandwiches, can be found in the free Herb Fairies cookbook you can get here. 


Look for more delicious herbal recipes right here this weekend!

Herb Fairies is here again!


With Spring comes one of my favorite things to the Homestead Project blog….

Herb Fairies!


You may remember last year I introduced you to Herb Fairies and I’m delighted that so many of you took advantage of this great resource from John and Kimberly at LearningHerbs.  They gave me some great free stuff to share with you here on the blog and I can’t wait to show you what they have in store this year! 

You are gonna love it!

An Herbal Cookbook…

HF-meme-cookbook13Let’s kick this party off right with a free Herb Fairies cookbook!

  You will find 13 fun herbal recipes your kids will have a great time making and sharing with others.  This is a great way to help your kids learn about the herbs and remember their uses. 

Your kids will gain confidence in their ability to use herbs with each recipe and gain priceless knowledge about these wonderful healing plants.

I have long been a fan of Learning Herbs and the wonderful tools they produce such as the Wildcraft! board game and the Herb Mentor community.  They have taught me almost everything I know about herbs. 

This is going to be a great week of freebies and fun things to get us ready for Herb Fairies so stick around to see what it’s all about!  =)

Herb Fairies Book Club closes TONIGHT!


Hey guys!  Just stopping in here real quick to remind you that the Herb Fairies Book Club sign up is closing TONIGHT.  If you’re still on the fence and haven’t joined yet, let me encourage you to head over there and take another look.  You really don’t want to miss out on this opportunity for your kids.  They will learn so much.  You will learn so much. 

Let’s take another look at what all you get in this club.

  • HerbFairies-WholeSet

* The 13 Herb Fairy Chapter Books in multiple formats including audio and tablet.

* Magic Keeper’s Journal

* Coloring Book

* Recipes & Cards

* Herbal Roots magazine filled with activities

* exclusive access to the Herb Fairies website

* Added Bonus – Herbal Remedies For Children During The Cold And Flu Season

Recommended for ages 5 – 12, this herbal learning system is a good fit for boys and girls.

And if you are a large family, this deal is even sweeter for you.  The digital nature of the club contents means that you get to teach all of your kiddos for the same cost of just one! 

My kids have learned so much from John and Kimberly.  They make the learning fun and exciting.  It wasn’t very long ago that my kids wouldn’t have had a clue what chickweed looked like or how useful it can be when they are outside playing.  They like to pick chamomile and smell its sticky sweet candy scent. They get excited at the first sign of dandelions, because they know we will make delicious treats with them. 

This is science for them.  This is their world they are discovering.  It’s knowledge they can use practically in their lives now and always. 

I hope you will join us on this Learning Herbs journey.  Today is your last chance to sign up for this adventure until next year.  Don’t miss out!