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It was a Good Season.

Wow.  What a busy and great holiday season.

Christmas tree

We took the whole month of December off and had so much fun.

No stressing about schedules.


my elf of the couch

No worry about fitting in all the homework and schoolwork.

legos for Christmas

We made crafty things…

crafty girlelsa princess hat

crochet owl hatpaper crafting

play-dohrenee of harvest moon


We did all our Christmas family traditions like the Elf on the Shelf…

elf on the shelf storytime

and watching all our favorite Christmas movies.


a christmas carol


We saw beautiful Christmas lights.


lady of the snow


We spent the holidays with our families.

friends and familyher mama's Christmas ornaments

a girl and her papa

playing Candyland with papa








Christmas morning

ready to open up all the presents!













baby sister meets her sister

And we ate delicious food.

prime rib roast for Christmasau jus for my Christmas prime rib









taco johns one reason I love going home

Even though I wrapped up 2014 with a cold, I’m thankful for every second.

May 2015 hold a great many things for us all.

Happy New Year.


Who won the ATG gun???

It’s Friday!  =)  I didn’t forget about you all waiting for the retreat giveaway results.  My daughter and I were slaving away in the kitchen all day preparing and freezing meals for our family.  By the time we got to sit down it was late and I could barely think.  Sorry I left you all hangin’.

So without further ado…

Who won the ATG GUN????


The adorable Tal Rose agreed to help me pick a winner.



And the winner is…


Lisa Polley!

Lisa Polley!

Congrats, Lisa!  You just won yourself a Scotch ATG 700!

You will absolutely LOVE this tool.  If you didn’t win, don’t worry!  I will have more available for purchase (and maybe to win???) at the retreat for a MUCH better price than you will find them anywhere else.  I’m serious.  Do yourself a favor and hold out.  You will be glad you waited for this price.

One quick note before I head out… did you all see the recaps from CHA?  I was especially dazzled by the Tim Holtz booths.  I mean really.  They junk shop all year to create these amazing works of art that I would love to just live in.  If you haven’t seen them yet, you really need to check them out on Tim’s blog.  Start at this post and click through to the next several posts.  They were so amazing it took several posts to share it all.  Even if you just scan for the photos, it’s well worth the time.

You will be amazed and inspired.

Okay all, it’s Friday so I’m outta here to get the weekend cleaning done.  Have a great one!


A vacation album

Is it Friday already?  It seems that I didn’t get much crafting done this week.  Though Monday I got to spend a few hours with a dear friend “crafting”.  Honestly we did a whole lot more laughing and talking than crafting.  But, honestly, that’s one of the best parts, right?  

I’ve been working on this vacation album for a while now.  I constructed it with chipboard using a tutorial from Paper Phenomenon.  She has amazing projects.  I knew right away that I wanted to use the June kit from MemoryWorks and the Cabana kit from Cocoa Daisy to decorate this album so I waited quite impatiently for them both to get here.  It was agony waiting for that Cabana kit.  It’s the July kit (sold out, by the way) and it was a very long month of waiting. 

Here’s a few pics of my progress so far. 

vacation album

vacation album cocoa daisy cabana

vacation albume simple stories


Am I the only one that skips around when putting together an album?  I’ll work on one section for a little bit then move on to something else.  Later I’ll go back to the first and work a little more.  It’s like that til the end for me – a little here and a little there.  I’m never sure what exactly I’ll do until it’s done. 

Aren’t those rub-ons cute?  They’re from K&Company, apart of the Smash line called Nautical Tattoo Rub-ons.  I picked those up at a craft store knowing they’d be perfect for this album.  So glad I did.  Gotta stay true to my motto:

I’d rather regret buying it that not buying it.


=)  So what’s everyone else working on?  Leave me a comment with a link or pictures.  I’d love to see some of your projects. 

Don’t forget to register for the retreat!  There’s just a few days left to enter the contest for the ATG gun.  Register by the 31st of July to get your entry in.  I’ll draw a winner on Thursday, August 1st. 

Happy Friday, y’all!


CHA Summer Sneak Peeks…

It’s that time of year, guys, when every craft company known to man is getting ready for Summer CHA.  And you know what that means… sneak peeks from all our favorite craft companies.  If you’ve noticed, they are all over the place –  everywhere.

These are my favorites so far!

12 days of christmasTim Holtz

*Distress Markers & Distress Watercolor Cardstock

*Idea-ology Pt. 1

*Idea-ology Pt. 2

*Sizzix Alterations Pt. 1

*Sizzix Alterations Pt. 2

*Stampers Anonymous



*The Optimist Collection

*All About Me by Leeza Gibbons

*School Memories

*Shabby Chic Treasures & Junkyard Findings


Graphic 45

*Mother Goose Pt. 1 

*Mother Goose Pt. 2

*Mother Goose Pt. 3

*Mother Goose Pt. 4

*12 Days of Christmas Pt. 1

*12 Days of Christmas Pt. 2

*12 Days of Christmas Pt. 3

*12 Days of Christmas Pt. 4

*Typography Pt. 1

*Typography Pt. 2

*Typography Pt. 3


Simple Stories

*Say Cheese

*Smarty Pants

*December Documented

*Snap Sets Pt. 1


Becky Higgins

*Core Kits

*Mini Kits

*Themed Cards


The Scrappy Jedi has done a wonderful job of rounding them all up for us.  Hop on over to check them out!


The ATG – what is it and where can I get one?

Any scrapbooker who has watched a YouTube tutorial or been to an all day crop lately has surely come across an ATG…whether she knew it or not.  Most likely, at first glance she was a little frightened and then fear settled into disbelief followed closely by scoffing and finally puddling in her little papercrafting heart as a small pool of envy.

ATG-Kit-300So what is it?  The ATG is none other than the Scotch brand ATG (Advanced Tape Glider) Adhesive System.  In other words… it’s a giant tape runner.

You’ve seen that woman.  She’s got the rolling bags she brings to every crop.  She wears a broach with scissors, paper, and a trimmer charm dangling from it.  You can guarantee she’s got 3 finished albums in her bag she brought along “just to share” and now she’s toting around a massive tape runner… most likely in a hand-crafted holster.  It’s a little frightening.  Your first thought is, “Dear God, please never let me become that.”  As the crop goes on eeeeeverybody notices her giant piece.  They’re all very impressed with it’s speed and accuracy.  You even stopped to watch her little demonstration out of the corner of your eye.  Everyone’s over there oooh-ing and aaaaah-ing while you plug away with your little glue stick.

By the end of the night you and every other scrapbooker within earshot knows all about the various ATGs and you all want one.

A quick Google search reveals nothing short of a miracle 40% off coupon is gonna get you your very own ATG.  Models range in price from $30 all the way up to $100. offers the pink runner produced specifically for scrapbooking for a modest $27.99 + shipping.  This is the same runner you will find at Michael’s for $45 and Hobby Lobby for $40.  Not too bad considering the Google prices on these puppies… especially with a coupon!  But there’s a catch.  These runners only hold 1/4” tape.


Models made for 1/2” tape are the ATG700 (seen online as low as $50 and as high as $100) and the scrapbook-branded Wide Width Tape Glider ($25 – $40 online).  The 700 can also dispense 1/4” tape with an adaptor that is, of course, sold separately.

Oh, and refills are $10/36 yds.

I don’t know about you but I make a lot of albums from scratch, meaning lots of chipboard, lots of cardstock, lots of adhering… basically, lots of tape.  Thirty-six yards seems like a ton of tape if you’re just making cards. Albums from scratch – not so much.

Now that I’ve basically talked you out of buying an ATG altogether, let me tell you why I love my ATG so much.  Really, it’s just two simple reasons.

#1 – convenience.  Having my ATG means I don’t have to worry about running out of tape.  I don’t need a giant stockpile of refills to ensure I don’t run out at a really bad time.  It also means not having to bring along extra supplies when I crop away from home.  It’s easy on the wrist and the tape performs very well in album construction.

#2 – cost effectiveness.  This seems insane after I just told you how much they cost, but believe it or not, it is cheaper than buying 5,000 tiny refills a year.  One 36 yd. roll of archival-safe tape is $10.  Use that 40% off coupon and you’re down to $6 for 36 yards.  That works out to 16 cents a yard.

The cheapest tape runner at will give you tape at 32 cents a yard.  The Elmer’s Craft Bond 2/pk refills work out to 17 cents a yard.  That’s without a coupon.  I don’t know about you, but I’m not interested in wasting my 40% off coupon on a $2.99 roll of adhesive.  It’s only 52 ft. of tape.  Sad smile

The cost only rises from there so while the comparison is really close and with a coupon you may get 52 ft. of tape for a better deal, you’re gonna need two of your coveted coupons to get to 36 yards.  There’s the question of quality as far as adhesive goes, plus the problem with storing all those refill packages.  Are you going to take several with you to crop and change out your refill every hour or so?  There’s nothing worse than running out of tape at a crop.  Yeeeeaaaah…

An ATG is a good investment in my opinion.  You will be very happy with it’s performance as a tape runner.  You won’t be constantly refilling it.  You’ll never lose it under your all your mess, I mean, it’s giant.  No searching for 15 minutes for a tape runner you just saw 2 seconds ago.  (*sigh* Tell me this isn’t just me.)

So if you have tape-runner envy Winking smile, I suggest waiting for that 40% off coupon before heading out to Michael’s.

Do you have an ATG?  In retrospect, do you think it was worth it?  I’ve yet to hear a disappointed user, so let me know with a comment!

Happy crafting,