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How to choose the RIGHT herb with confidence


Have you ever wondered exactly how experienced
herbalists match the remedy to the person instead
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How YOU can choose the right herb for the right
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Every now and then, LearningHerbs releases
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John usually does it as part of the warm-up for
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AND the price is right… it won’t cost you
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It’s all revealed in this new video training:

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– What “energetics” are and why are they important
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P.S. The best way to learn about herbs is the
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Liniments and thrush…

liniment2Yesterday the labels I needed for my herbal products arrived along with a digital scale.  Scales are so handy when dealing with herbs.  You can measure in parts but it’s so much more precise when using a scale.  Obviously, your herbal concoctions end up much more consistent. 

liniment1I’ve mostly been waiting on the scale to mix up some liniment.  The recipe I have for liniment uses comfrey root, valerian root, calendula flowers, cinnamon, and cayenne.  It’s great for increasing circulation, healing bruises and relieving sore muscles.  I can’t wait to get it all bottled up and ready for use!

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Calendula and other herbal oils…

Last week I made some calendula oil in the crockpot and told you we’d strain it up in three days.  So today, we’re straining oil.  I’m going to show you some other herbal oils too.  But first, let’s get our calendula oil. 

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Making calendula oil…

calendulaCalendula is not only a beautiful flower but it’s also a very healing herb.  Calendula, sometimes called pot marigold, is an herb known for its anti-inflammatory, astringent, and antiseptic properties.  It’s commonly used to heal wounds and treat muscle spasms.  These lovely flowers have been used for everything from hair dyes to eye treatments to headaches.  Calendula is by far one of my favorite herbs to work with.  That’s why we’re making calendula oil today. Smile 

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Making a salve…

salveThis week I spent some time making a salve for our stand at the farmer’s market.  This salve is a great all purpose salve for bruises, minor scrapes and pains.  Herbs such as comfrey, plantain, calendula make this salve also great for bug bites, dry skin, eczema and other skin rashes as well.  Tea tree oil and lavender give it soothing and antibacterial properties. 



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