The search for the perfect smoothie…

I’m on the lookout for the perfect smoothie.  If you find it, let me know, please. 

I don’t know a lot about smoothies but I do know this – the perfect smoothie does not have ice.  (I hate those little flecks of ice in a smoothie.)  It also doesn’t taste like protein powder or peanut butter even if it contains them. 

So far, this is the best I can get.


I really like the flavor of this one.  Most smoothies are tolerable, but not necessarily enjoyable for me.  This one, however… mmmmmm. 

So, give me your most delicious, non-ice, non-protein or peanut butter-tasting smoothies, please!


3 responses to this post.

  1. I use diet ginger ale, EAS whey protein powder, frozen banana, and frozen fruit. I make it thick like frozen yogurt. Sometimes I add unsweetened applesauce or even canned pumpkin. I used different extracts too. There is caramel, chocolate, coconut, etc. The key to me is the thickness. Happy smoothie making!


  2. This actually looks quite delicious. Thank you for sharing the recipe!


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