Not your mama’s gardening tool…

This week we start our indoor seedlings here at the Old Town homestead.  It will be good to get some gardening done even if it is just starting seeds.  I’m so ready to plant things and see green grass and flowers – I’m ready for Spring!

I’ve added a new tool to my garden planning this year and I’m excited to share it with you.  It’s the Rural Mom’s Garden Planner notebook on Springpad.  I’m actually sharing 2 new tools with you – one gardening related and one not quite so. 

I guess I should first explain Springpad.  It’s basically a collection of virtual notebooks.  You can keep notebooks about anything – collections, journals, ideas, organizing solutions, projects, lists… the possibilities are endless.  Plan your Christmas, make shopping lists, set reminders, save websites, photos, recipes.  You can see how one ends up with seventeen virtual notebooks… yeah. 

Anyhoo, it certainly saves on paper.  You can take all your notebooks with you everywhere you go via the App for your phone or tablet and you can’t exactly save a website or photo in your paper notebook.  Well, you can but that’s not very convenient.

SO, you need to go check out Springpad and start taking notes.  If you’re still not sure what kind of notebooks you would keep, visit the Springpad store for a large collection of free notebooks to get you going. 

Now back to the garden planner…

Rural Mom’s Garden Planner notebook is a great tool for keeping track of your garden plans, to-do lists,  and harvests.  A free notebook in the Springpad store, this planner gives you step-by-step tasks with reminders for getting your garden in order and keeping it that way.  Get helpful hints from Beth’s garden and save your own ideas and tips in the notebook as well.  Use the journal area to note what worked and what didn’t, your favorite plants, anything that will be helpful for the next growing season.  And you can update the information from anywhere with the Springpad app – right in the garden even!

My biggest gardening challenge is most definitely keeping a journal of things I want to remember for the next year.  That part always gets pushed aside and never done.  I’m looking forward to keeping better notes this year and tracking what worked and what didn’t. 

Do you keep a garden journal?  What information is the most important to you to record?




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