Herb knowledge…

We are finally starting to get some glimpses of spring around here which immediately makes me think of gardening and dirt and seeds and of course, herbs.

I love growing fresh herbs and there’s a few that I can’t do without.  There’s nothing like the sweet smell of chamomile hanging thickly in the air on a humid summer day.  Or the smell of lemonbalm on your hands when you loosely grasp it as you walk by.  Some herbs are just meant to be touched.  Lemonbalm, chamomile, sage, basil – these are a few of the staples I need in my garden every year.

If you’ve never grown fresh herbs, I am encouraging you to give them a try this year.  Most are fairly easy to grow and can be contained in pots if you’re short on room.  I guarantee though, what you lose in room you’ll make up for in cold hard cash by growing your own rather than buying them at the supermarket.

Here’s a great basic guide to understanding herbs and how they work from Mountain Rose Herbs.      This is a great place to start if you’re interested in using herbs for more than just seasoning your potatoes and chicken.

You can do so many things with herbs!  Get a good feel for them at the link above and we’ll talk a little more later this week.



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