Good Morning Girls – Week 1, Day 4

week 1 day 4

day 4

This age could easily be called the Age of Distraction because we are inundated daily with a million little things grabbing at our attention.  Distractions are everywhere and it’s not enough to recognize them. We must purpose to avoid them. That takes wisdom and discipline. Floating through life on the current carved out by the world is dangerous and not at all fulfilling.  All we have to do is lift the oars and we are subject to where the world desires to take us. Intentional life requires determination, discipline, wisdom, a plan, vigilance and action.

Lord, make me determined.  I want to raise the quality of our lives and I know I must be disciplined to do that.  Help me stay focused and make the changes I need to make.  Amen.


Want to join me in this daily study?  Visit Good Morning Girls to learn more.


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