Wildcraft sale!

You guys have heard me talk before about the Wildcraft game.  And while completely worth the regular price of $37, you can get it this week for 50% off! 

Wildcraft Board Game

Wildcraft will be on sale this week only for $19.99!  In fact the sale ends May 30th or when they run out – whichever comes first.  They didn’t have many to start out with as this is the spring sale and more won’t be available until the fall.  Once they’re gone, they’re gone until then.  And they probably won’t be this cheap either!

My kids have learned so much about herbs from this game.  They really had no interest in my herbs or plants before Wildcraft and now they identify plants in the wild regularly.  The game adds a fun element to our science studies also.  Whether it’s just for fun or as a homeschool tool, this game is a great investment.  It’s made of high quality materials but with a very personal, handmade feel to the design.  The kids are drawn in by the nature of the graphics and art throughout the game.

If you have any reservations, you may be interested to know that Learning Herbs is offering up many extras with this deal.  They never disappoint when it comes to freebies.  You will also receive with your Wildcraft order:

  1. a dandelion activity book
  2. Mentoring Kids and Nature Connection w/ Jon Young interview
  3. the Herbal Gifts ebok
  4. a full issue of Herbal Roots zine
  5. Herb Fairies book 1
  6. Outdoor Kids, Herbal First Aid for Summer video class

Don’t wait to order yours! Like I said, the inventory is short this time of year and they’ll be long gone by Friday!


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