Ivory 2-IN-1Hair & Body Wash…

I’ve never been a fan of the 2-IN-1 concept.  My husband uses a 2-IN-1.  My boys use a different 2-IN-1.  My girls use yet another 2-IN-1.  It’s a warzone in the shower, people! I’ve not been able to bring myself to use one until just recently.   See, my hair isn’t anywhere near dry.  Ever.  Even though, it’s color-treated out the whazoo, my hair still borders on normal to oily.  I blame my mother.  It’s what my generation does, okay?  I just can’t consider that my hair will do well with anything that will leave my body feeling moisturized.  And you know, I’m not even going there if it doesn’t moisturize my skin.

Not long ago I was in the shower and pumped out some shampoo only to realize later that it wasn’t my shampoo but the kids’ 2-IN-1.  Ugh.  So I lathered up and left the shower feeling less than clean where my head was concerned.  No matter how much you rinse, it just doesn’t seem to wanna come out.


IMG_2093A couple weeks later I received this in the mail from Influenster.  It’s the new Ivory 2-IN1 hair and body wash.  I admit it, I was skeptical and honestly, I wasn’t looking forward to this review because I just knew it wouldn’t be a good one.

Turns out, this stuff isn’t half bad!  First thing I noticed is that it’s a big bottle, 24 ounce.  My regular body wash is only 15 ounces.  This can be a big deal since one will use more washing both hair and body.

When I opened the bottle I wasn’t hit with a really strong odor.  Just a pleasant clean smell… kinda what you would expect from Ivory, I guess.  Smile  I can’t decide if it smells like a shampoo or smells like a body wash.  Because they do smell differently, you know.  My number one deal breaker was going to be the rinsing out.  If this stuff didn’t rinse out of my hair, there was no way I could recommend it to anyone.  So I was genuinely surprised that it DID rinse out.  I can’t stand that feeling of soap still in my hair when I’m wringing it dry.  Thankfully, there was none of that.

As a body wash, it worked really well.  Nothing too standoutish about it.  Lots of good lather, clean pleasant smell, and a good rinse.  It wasn’t overly moisturizing but it wasn’t dry feeling at all.

Overall, I would say this is a great middle of the road kind of product.  If you like milder body washes and shampoos or you need something to service both men and women, this is your product.  Go for this one.  It will be just exactly what you are looking for.  If you want a froo froo girly version, this isn’t going to cut it.

I really liked this product and I definitely think I will use it again.

Do you have any shampoo pet peeves  or a personal favorite?  Leave a comment below!

Happy Lathering!


*this product was given to me by the Influenster program to try for free.  I have given my honest opinion of this product in all reviews and mentions. 


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