Messy Monday


Spring has taken its own sweet time arriving here in Middle America.  We would get a glimpse of her one week only to find snow falling two days later.  After the steady showers we’ve gotten this week, I’d say she’s made a good showing and to celebrate, I thought we’d find some colorful ways to add a little Spring to our homes.

Here you will find lots of ways to make sure everyone knows it’s Spring when they walk through your doors… even if Mother Nature doesn’t.

Rustic Herb Plaques

These earthy plaques represent Spring in the purest sense – growth!  Customize them with your favorite herbs maybe even adding a sprig bundle horizontally on each one.

by Country Woman Magazine


Washi Tape Wooden Birds

Oh. My. Word.  These are CUTE! If you’re not obsessed with washi  and birds right now, like the rest of the known world, then you must be living under a rock.  Go get yourself some washi and start taping everything in sight.  Seriously, go!



Beautiful Spring Mantel

There are more great ideas here than can be counted.  I love the bright and sunny feel of this room.  The warm yellow is such a contrast with the icy cold whites and grays – just like the sun in the spring.

 by Tatertots & Jello


Easy Spring Wreath w/ Yarn

Okay this one is so simple it doesn’t really need a tutorial but it is absolutely darling.  I love yarn and am always looking for ways to buy more yarn bust my stash.  Simple, yet elegant, and a little whimsical all at the same time, I will definitely be making this one.

 by Parent Teach Play

Happy Spring!!!


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