Herb Fairies Book Club closes TONIGHT!


Hey guys!  Just stopping in here real quick to remind you that the Herb Fairies Book Club sign up is closing TONIGHT.  If you’re still on the fence and haven’t joined yet, let me encourage you to head over there and take another look.  You really don’t want to miss out on this opportunity for your kids.  They will learn so much.  You will learn so much. 

Let’s take another look at what all you get in this club.

  • HerbFairies-WholeSet

* The 13 Herb Fairy Chapter Books in multiple formats including audio and tablet.

* Magic Keeper’s Journal

* Coloring Book

* Recipes & Cards

* Herbal Roots magazine filled with activities

* exclusive access to the Herb Fairies website

* Added Bonus – Herbal Remedies For Children During The Cold And Flu Season

Recommended for ages 5 – 12, this herbal learning system is a good fit for boys and girls.

And if you are a large family, this deal is even sweeter for you.  The digital nature of the club contents means that you get to teach all of your kiddos for the same cost of just one! 

My kids have learned so much from John and Kimberly.  They make the learning fun and exciting.  It wasn’t very long ago that my kids wouldn’t have had a clue what chickweed looked like or how useful it can be when they are outside playing.  They like to pick chamomile and smell its sticky sweet candy scent. They get excited at the first sign of dandelions, because they know we will make delicious treats with them. 

This is science for them.  This is their world they are discovering.  It’s knowledge they can use practically in their lives now and always. 

I hope you will join us on this Learning Herbs journey.  Today is your last chance to sign up for this adventure until next year.  Don’t miss out! 




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