Bedroom redo and a Target deal…

For the past few months, I have been dreaming about redoing my bedroom.  Basically, it’s been a mattress on the floor and necessary storage for things that have nowhere else to go and clothing for pretty much all my married years.  Certainly, it’s not the tranquil, inviting, peaceful portal to slumberland I would like it to be. 

But last month, when yet another spring broke loose and almost took out one of my ribs, we broke down and decided to purchase a new mattress.  This turned out to be a much more pleasant experience than I thought it would be and I got a bed out of it.  I mean a real bed.  With legs.  And a headboard!  No more mattress on the floor for me, baby! 

So now that I have a real bed, like an adult, I decided it was time to make another Pinterest dream come to life!  So far this has involved a lot of shopping around and plans to take out a closet.  More on the closet later, but for now, lets stick with the fun part – color and design.  I chose to go the Old Hollywood route and accent with Tiffany blue, white, and black. 

With the bed purchased, and it not being the same California King size as the last, my first step in the process was to find bedding. 

pintuck2I have been eyeing this bedding set from west elm for a while now.  I saw this color, Sea, and fell in love.  It would be perfect for my Tiffany blue bedroom.  I was this close to buying it when I panicked.  What if the blue on my computer screen wasn’t really the blue of the bedding?  What if it has gray tones?  Ultimately, I chickened out, because this particular shade can’t be returned.  I didn’t want to risk tears over a duvet cover.




pintuck1So once upon a pining visit to west elm I discovered this set.  White is white.  White doesn’t have the disaster potential of Sea and white can be returned.  Of course, the price wasn’t reduced like the Sea set.  So here’s the breakdown:

* King size Duvet cover – $139

* 2 King size shams – $58

* King size down comforter – $169

For a grand total of  $366!

Um, yeah, not really in the budget right now. 

So the other day I was at Target… you know, a lot of wonderful things start with those eight words.  Smile

Anyway, the other day I was at Target… Open-mouthed smile  I can’t say it without smiling!

Okay, okay, I promise this time!   The other day I was at Target when I spotted this.



Threshold™ Pinched Pleat Comforter Set – $99.99

That’s for the comforter and two shams. 

Target just saved me $266!  Boom, baby!

And they have a seriously amazing line of mirrored and high gloss black décor that is exactly what I want for my bedroom redo.  *sigh*  I should probably stay away from Target for awhile.  

Have you seen the Hayworth collection from Pier 1?  Yeah, I should stay away from there too. 

Hey, a girl can still dream!


What are your thoughts?

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