Dandelion Flower Cookies…


Hi guys!  I’m back today with more Herb Fairies goodies!  Smile

Today you will get to learn how to make Dandelion Flower Cookies.  I bet you didn’t know you could eat those pesky yellow things scattered throughout the yard.  That is, if you aren’t using any pesticides nearby. 

The kids and I love dandelions much more than my husband.  He looks at them and sees yard work.  We look at them and see delicious treats.  Dandelions make the best herbal funnel cakes.  I never would have guessed my kids would happily eat weeds out of the yard and ask for more.  But, boy, those things are YUM. 

Can’t wait to try the cookies!





If you are just joining us for Herb Fairies or you just haven’t gotten around to it yet, DO download the free activity pack for your kids to enjoy.  It has journal pages, coloring sheets, recipes and more – just a small peek into the Herb Fairies program

On Monday, I’ll share all the details of the program with you.  For now, enjoy the free projects from Learning Herbs’ Herb Fairies!



Happy Saturday!



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