Herbal Fairies!


(Look below for a free activity pack!)

HerbFairies-WholeSet[1]Okay, so you guys have heard me talk about Learning Herbs and the Wildcraft game before.  This week the Learning Herbs children’s learning system is open once again with the Herb Fairies learning course!  I have been a fan of Learning Herbs for many years and have played Wildcraft countless times with my kids.  They have truly learned a lot just from playing the game.  I’m very excited to introduce you to Herb Fairies and I hope you will join us this year as we learn all about herbs with the Herb Fairies.  Smile

This week you have the opportunity to learn about the program and get some cool free content your kids will love and learn from. 

Just click here to take a look at the fun things Learning Herbs has whipped up for us. 

Today, you can learn how to make violet flower candy with Hailey.


You can still get a free coloring picture of Violet at the link above too.  Just look for the link to the Herbal Film Festival.




And as promised, a free activity pack for the kiddos!  This pack gives you a glimpse into the program but it’s so much more.  I know you will enjoy these fun activities with your littles and I’m sure you will learn as much as they will!

Saturday I will share another goodie from Learning Herbs with you so be sure to stop back by. 





Let me know what you think about the Herb Fairies program! 



What are your thoughts?

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