Favorite Things Registration is here!

After a very, very, very long break…

I am beyond thrilled to announce

that registration for the Favorite Things Fall Photocrafting Retreat is OPENParty smile

Download the registration form here.

I know it has been way too long and this is well overdue, but it’s here!  Now! 

For those of you who don’t know me that well, I’ll tell you I have a past of hosting a good many scrapbooking retreats.  Groups that started out at 10 or 12 grew quickly to 20 and 30.  We’d head out across the Midwest and let me tell you, we shared some adventures.

We made memories, we scrapped memories and sometimes we’d try to forget memories.  But no matter the situation, the times, good or bad, happy or sad, we made the best of a weekend away.  Kid-free, laundry-free, worry-free.  Just fun, friends, and free stuff. 

It’s been quite a few years since the last fun-filled weekend and I am so glad to get back to it.  I hope you will join us this year and explore a world of Photocrafting that never seems to stand still.


You can download the registration form here.

I can tell you, the giveaways this year are unbelievable.  I’ll give you a few hints…


Becky Higgins


Okay, okay, I refuse to give you any more clues to the fabulousness of these prizes!  Let’s just say, You will not be disappointed.  And I’m envious because I’m not eligible for any of it.  Green with envy

Giveaways are a big deal to me, so my ladies can testify that you will not go home empty-handed.  I love to give stuff away and my Welcome packages reflect it.  I really hope you can join us this fall.  I know I can hardly wait!

Have you ever been to a scrapbooking or paper crafting retreat?  How was it?  Tell us about your experience!  I’m always looking for ways to make my retreats more special. 



What are your thoughts?

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