For 2012…

photo by Nathan SuddsI love new things.  Not necessarily things, though certainly they are niceI’m talking more about new days, jobs, school semesters, and yes, years.  The opportunity for a clean slate, a fresh start is like a breath of fresh air to a procrastinating, ADD-plagued visionary like myself.  I’m always relieved for these chances to regroup and refocus my efforts.  It’s about this time that I’m stretched in every direction, mentally and physically; completely ready for the ride to end or at the least for a rest stop. 

Thinking about the new year that lies ahead inevitably makes me consider the year that came before it.  Looking back, I see how I’ve changed much.  The Lord continues to open up my mind to the revelations in His Word and my heart is soaking it in.  At the same time, while my understanding has blossomed, I feel my obedience has waned.  It’s always a balancing act, isn’t it?  This whole life in every possible way is about trying to stay on the narrow path and not slipping off the side into one extreme or the other.  We’re so prone to extremes, we humans.  I suppose it’s easier to meander along and drift where the wind and ruts would take us.  The vigilance required to stay on the road is tough for me to hang on to.  I’m constantly taking my eyes off the road to admire this or that.  In the end, I’m exerting so much more energy trying to drag myself back up the shoulder than if I’d just paid attention in the first place. 

Ah well, you know this all well yourself, I’m sure.  I am comforted by the fact that the Lord shows me where I’ve gone astray and restores me when I just simply ask for His hand.  He clings to me even when I let go.  I’m so thankful for God’s faithfulness. 

As we move into the new year, I have a few things I hope to accomplish.  Simple things really, but big.

  • Get to know my neighbors better.  I’ve lived here for 7 years and hardly know any of them.  I can’t let anxiety or fear paralyze me into inaction any longer.  It’s become sinful.
  • Spend more of my time and money in my community.  All a part of a greater effort to be in community with those around me.  It’s easy to not know people in this world of virtual everything.  It’s also unhealthy to not know people.  We lose our sense of responsibility and compassion when we neglect tangible human life and it’s emotions.
  • Eat more responsibly.  Meaning organic, local, healthy, natural.  Real food grown and prepared by real people.  Maybe not always the cheapest, but the most sensible.
  • Put more effort into a second income.  For the extra $$, obviously.  But also the learning experience for the entire family.  For the pleasure of doing something we enjoy.  For the opportunity to engage in our community.
  • Spiritually speaking, I have several goals but I’m not sure they need to be mentioned specifically to the entire world.  As a family, I’d like to see us spend more consistent time in the Word.  I’d also like to see us spend a much greater amount of time loving others in prayer and in deed.  That may be vague but who knows what God will lead us to.  I’m not willing to limit that to a soup kitchen or a mission trip. (though both of those would be fine.)
  • I want to learn the enjoyment of hiking this year.  Just for the fun of it.
  • Get back into my paper crafts.  I’m glad to be doing this again.  I can’t wait to see what all projects I’ll accomplish this year.
  • Get healthy.  Too many potential health problems loom in the distance for both myself and my husband.  And I’m sure we’re leading our kids in the same direction.  I’d like to redirect us all.

It’s not much, but it’s what I got.  So many of these ‘goals’ are interwoven and relate to one another.  That’s kind of a scary thought for my scattered brain!  I hope I can manage it.  

How about you.  Any new beginnings for you?



What are your thoughts?

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