Homestead Happenings…

Who knew caring for a baby would require so much time and effort?  Winking smile  So I’ve spent much of the last 8 months cuddling, ogling and, in general, just adoring my sweet Talitha and her siblings.  Those cute kids, I tell ya!  Who wants to blog when you’ve got 5 adorable distractions to otherwise occupy your time? 

DSCN0738Anyhoo, we’ve been completely enjoying having a new baby in the house.  Things seem so different this time around.  I think mostly my patience has grown.  Remembering back, it seems like there were so many days of raw nerves, lots of coffee and as many Barney movies as I could get my hands on.  These days things aren’t so… intense.  I’m remembering back and cherishing all the moments I rushed past with all my other babies.  These moments are both sad and sweet.  I’m so thankful the Lord has given me the peace and patience to slow down and enjoy each new stage in Talitha’s life.  I just wish I hadn’t been so harried with my others. *sigh*

But the Lord is good and gracious.  My first baby is going to be twelve in a month.  So much time that has sped past me… Don’t get me wrong, I’ve enjoyed these twelve years immensely.  I just wish I’d had, back then, all the knowledge and wisdom the Lord has granted over the course of those twelve years! LOL  I suppose this is the case with most of life.  Anyway, before I sink down deep, let’s switch gears, shall we?

Homestead happenings…

Our little Old Town homestead is staying quite busy fighting off the woodchuck (who’s been known to eat 7 tomatoes in one day!) and brewing up herbal concoctions.  Currently, I’m preparing lots of labels for salves, diaper rash creams, bug bite balms and tea.  Labels are a pain in the hooey!  My printer and word processing program have no desire to cooperate with each other which only produces completely skewed labels.  I’ve had to intervene in less than pleasant ways.  Stupid machines. Smile with tongue out  Let’s see, I also made Bug Bite Balm in the midst of some birthday party craziness.  My sweet friend Danielle had just returned from the jungles of Indonesia and, poor thing!, had bites all over her legs.  So I broke out the plantain and went to work.  I’ll put some up in my etsy store in case any of you are interested.  Plantain is a wonderful plant for bug bites.  If you can identify it easily (which you can.  It’s most likely growing in your yard or sidewalk right now!) you can pinch off a leaf, chew it up and spit it onto a bite or sting for instant relief.  I’ll also be putting some tub tabs and gardener’s salve in the etsy shop.  It’s taken me forever to get that shop up and running but I’m slowly getting there. 

Our latest crafty project was tissue poms.  They are currently hanging from the living and dining room ceilings – all 90 of them.  Surprised smile  Yep, ninety tissue poms.  It took a long time but it was fun!  There are a slew of tutorials out there on how to make them, but these are my favorites:

Don’t go buy a kit to make these!  Go to the Dollar Store and get 2 – 30 ct. packs of tissue paper.  You can get 5 large poms and 10 small ones from that much tissue. 

Oh and before I go I have to share with you my new favorite corner of the web, Pinterest!  Run over and take a peek.  If you get an invite be sure and friend knittingprose!



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