Clothes swap, liniment and birthday…

I am such a horrible blogger.  It’s been two weeks since I’ve said a single word.  We just get all crazy around here and have so much more to do than time we have to write about it.  Anyhoo, remember I mentioned the clothes swap two weeks ago?  It was AWESOME!  I think I got rid of 2/3 of my wardrobe and brought back home only about 5 pieces.  Yay!  AND my closet looks so nice and clean.  See? 


That may not look too hot to you but it looks way better than it did before.  Here’s what I had to contend with.before


So that went spectacularly well. 

DSCN0652Another item I accomplished was decanting the liniment I had made.  That all went well, thought it took a while to get it strained.  Because I put it in a bottle with a sprayer, I had to filter it really well.  Sediment in sprayers is a no no.  After all that time put into making, decanting and filtering this liniment, my family tells me it smells horrible and no way will any of them live with me if I use it.  Yes, they thought it was that bad!  LOL  I didn’t find it repulsive at all but apparently our noses are nothing alike.   *sigh*  So now I have two and a half bottles of  a nice herbal liniment to throw away.  Sad smile  Very bummed.

My birthday was delightful.  My husband took me to the Landing for dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory.  We had such a wonderful time enjoying some delicious Italian cuisine (my favorite kind!) and discussing all sorts of Biblical things.  One thing we discussed on the way home – I was so saddened to see the way young women dress themselves.  My heart aches for these girls who feel they must cheapen themselves in order to have any worth at all.  Not to mention the style of dress these days.  And we make fun of Louis XIV!!  Also, I was struck by the prevailing lifestyle of drunkenness.  I’m saddened that this is what makes peoples lives worth living to them!  Really?  Drunkenness is the driving force of perseverance in life?  To make it through another week, we look to a few days of drunken stupor?  I just don’t understand it.  I imagine that if I were to ask any number of people who live this way what their purpose in life is their answer wouldn’t be drunkenness and yet this is the life they live anyway. 

We are a deceived people living in a world of lies.  How I pray that our eyes would be opened to the foolishness we call ‘living’. 



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  1. Sorry the liniment didn’t turn out so well. I’ve wanted to try the same thing. I did make lavender oil a couple weeks ago, and ended up using it to make a soothing salve. Keep on blogging along! I look forward to your posts!


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