Liniments and thrush…

liniment2Yesterday the labels I needed for my herbal products arrived along with a digital scale.  Scales are so handy when dealing with herbs.  You can measure in parts but it’s so much more precise when using a scale.  Obviously, your herbal concoctions end up much more consistent. 

liniment1I’ve mostly been waiting on the scale to mix up some liniment.  The recipe I have for liniment uses comfrey root, valerian root, calendula flowers, cinnamon, and cayenne.  It’s great for increasing circulation, healing bruises and relieving sore muscles.  I can’t wait to get it all bottled up and ready for use!

Besides making liniment, I also mixed up a couple of solutions for fighting the thrush that has set in with the baby.  Poor baby.  She’s not terribly fussy with it, but she’s not taking her pacifier anymore (which could be a good thing, right?) and I’ve noticed a little stinging on my end of the deal.  Last night I started rubbing yogurt into her little cheeks and on her tongue.  And I swore there would be no solid food for at least four months!  Does this count? 

My two other attacks on the candida is a baking soda solution I swab her mouth with after every feeding and an apple cider vinegar solution I swab me with after every feeding.  Yeah, it really does stink.  Yep, I’m gonna keep doing it.  Let me tell you, everyone in the house is soooo glad too.  Sarcastic smile Love that apple cider vinegar freshness.

As a preventative measure, I’m using an herbal salve on her bottom.  You know how quick that infection can spread from one end to the other!  The salve seems to be helping the little bit of redness she’s had too.   I’ve got another recipe for diaper rash salve I can’t wait to mix up and try.  You can use it in conjunction with a powder made from clay and powdered herbs.  That may be my next undertaking but I must wait til I can get some bentonite clay first. 

Besides herbal things, I’ve got a nice long ‘To do’ list just waiting around for me to get to.  Things like aprons, blankets for babies, some toys that need their finishing touches.  So many projects!  Not to mention the growing season is upon us!  *sigh*  I’m already exhausted. 

I know.  I know.  Just do the next thing. 

The next thing… is bed!  Goodnight!


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