Calendula and other herbal oils…

Last week I made some calendula oil in the crockpot and told you we’d strain it up in three days.  So today, we’re straining oil.  I’m going to show you some other herbal oils too.  But first, let’s get our calendula oil. 


oils1For this you will need:

  • a clean jar and lid.  ( you can just reuse the lid you have on your other jar)
  • a metal mesh strainer
  • cheesecloth
  • a bowl
  • a label for your finished oil


oils2First, prepare your strainer by cutting a double thickness piece of cheesecloth and lay it in your metal strainer over your bowl.  Turn off the crockpot and remove the jar.  It’s hot but you should be able to pick it up by the lid.  Dump the contents into the strainer and let the oil run through.  The best way to get all the oil out is to pick up the herbs wrapped in the cheesecloth and squeeze them tight.  The oil will run out over the strainer and into your bowl.  Your hands will be covered in this wonderful oil. Smile  I usually let it drip off in the bowl and rub it all over my hands really well.  May as well take advantage of the healing herbs, right?  After you get your hands all washed up, pour the oil into your clean jar and label it.  Always label your jars.  I promise you will not remember what is in them.  Or the date you put it in there.  Label your jars with content and date information.

oils3Here are some other oils I thought you might like to see.  All of these were made with olive oil.  You can clearly see how each herb will change the color of the oil differently.  Some greener plants will make the oil very very dark.  The jar up there on the top is comfrey.  Comfrey is a very strong healing herb.  Plantain is another great green herb.  You can see it is almost as dark as the comfrey oil.  The other two oils on the bottom are lemon balm and our calendula oils.  The jug up top is straight olive oil.  Neat, huh?

Now with all these great oils we can make up some really awesome salve!

Ps.  Don’t just throw out those herbs left over in the cheesecloth!  Sprinkle them in with your plants or throw the whole lot into your compost pile.  Never waste your wonderful herbs.


*****where do you buy these wonderful dried herbs?  You can get good quality herbs from the Bulk Herb Store at very reasonable prices.  They also offer beeswax, tins and other accessories for your herbal projects.  Check out the specials and sales when you place your order. 


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