Have we lost our faith in truth?

And I don’t necessarily mean that in a religious sense.  I just mean truth in general.  Seems like nowadays we are encouraged to join conversations but we’re not encouraged to speak what we know as truth.  What’s the point of the conversation?

Taylor Mali has hit the nail on the head with this poem.  Our generation seems lost in the conversation because people are too afraid to speak with authority.

Speaking of authority, Matt Chandler from the Village Church in Texas recently preached a sermon series entitled Ultimate Authority.  I encourage you to take a listen.  Audio sermons are a great way to be in the Word when you have to cook dinner, clean the house, fold laundry…. you get the point.  Your ears are often available when your eyes and hands may not be.  When you find yourself missing out on your personal study time, make a habit of listening to  audio sermons.  It will do you a world of good and I bet you’ll find yourself back in the Word much sooner than if you did nothing.

Here are some of my favorite preachers and sermons

How do you stay in the Word when you miss your time in the Word?

– knittingprose


What are your thoughts?

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