I’m packing up camp…

Well, it’s official.  Knittingprose.com is up and running.  All my blog posts from the Homestead Project have been moved and everything’s settling in nicely.  I hope you’ll follow and subscribe to the blog there.  Having my own domain will allow me a little more freedom in posting things like giveaways, videos, categorizing content … all kinds of things. 

I look forward to the conversations we’ll have and fun projects we’ll get into here.  In 2011 you can expect to see more posts about paper crafting, herbs, gardening, simple living, cooking, fiber crafts and my faith.  Lots of this will be similar to what you’ve already seen here at the Homestead Project, but some of this will be new territory.  I’ve very excited to share it all with you.  If you wanna keep track with what I’m up to on the blog, visit me there and subscribe or follow knittingprose.com

Things are still coming together over there, so excuse the mess.  Thank you for being patient with me during this transition. 



What are your thoughts?

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