a new baby…

Seventeen days ago, at 10:10 am, our Talitha Rose was born.  It’s been a crazy, emotional two and a half weeks. (Aren’t they all that follow the birth of a baby?)  I can’t help but laugh at the way God demands our reliance upon Him.  Having birthed four children and feeling very confident that we’d figured it all out, the Lord must’ve been compelled to help us remember our frame – that we are dust. 

Talitha was born with little surprise or complication.  It was actually rather bittersweet in the operating room.  The man who delivered all of my children was at that moment delivering his last baby by c-section.  The nurses were quietly offering their well wishes for retirement and telling of the privilege it’s been to work with the doctor.  Then little Tali offered up her first cries of life and the room filled with joy and excitement.  She was perfect.

Five days later, we came home with a jaundice baby girl and, I, with post natal hypertension.  *smile*  This is the part where God says, “Hello, remember me?  I’m the one in control here.”  With moments of panic and sometimes despair we learned all about hypertension and how to control it (and NOT) during breastfeeding. 

A week after the baby was born, a medication for the hypertension began to dry up my milk supply and once again panic ensued.  It’s so hard to NOT panic!  Even though I know the Lord is in control of all things, knows what’s best for His children and will do what’s good for them, I continue to worry over such things.  But through all the worry, we remained in prayer, trying so hard to understand.  I feel I must take a breath and ask, “what is God teaching me here?” in these moments when nothing seems right.  In the eye of the storm, no matter how big or small, it’s never easy to see its size or scope – where it’s headed or even where it’s been.  All too often, it’s only when we’re sitting in the rubble of the aftermath do we realize what’s hit us and where we can find any hope. 

Well, once the winds had passed and we were left with just a drizzle overhead, I began to look a little further than myself to see His goodness.  He really is good. 

Meet Talitha Rose.





2 responses to this post.

  1. Love her already. Can’t wait to meet her. And YES, He IS good!


  2. Posted by Papathompson on December 30, 2010 at 9:24 am

    Congrats. So happy for you. God is Good all the time.


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