Catching up to rest before the rush…

Here we are, six days away from having a new little baby in the house.  It’s been six years since our last little baby came home from the hospital.  Where does the time go?  The thought of a baby in the house has everyone all excited and it’s neat to see the kids bubble up in anticipation.  They are all old enough to really understand and look forward to the joyfulness a new family member brings.  In the past, our oldest was still only 5 years of age when the youngest came along.  Now the youngest is 6 years old and the oldest is into his 11th year!  Our house is just bristling with an energetic spirit that seems to increase each day. 

Life has taken a snowball’s pace while we’ve prepared for the new birth.  The garden suffered a bit of inattention due to vacation and just flat out busy-ness.  Most everything is overgrown and purged of all it’s fruitfulness.  We did manage to pull up some nice big carrots last week.  I was so surprised to see them do so well this late in the year.  The fall batch of salad greens only lasted a couple weeks.  Seems they bolted at the first hint of daylight!  I thought for sure they’d do much better than the spring crop but the weather stayed rather warm for much too long, I’m afraid. 

The task of ripping out old plants and vines has begun and pretty soon we’ll have a nice layer of compost and goodies all laying up nicely for the winter.  Unfortunately, being 9 months pregnant makes me largely useless for this job.  My husband has been left to most of the work alone.  He does it with a smile, though.  : )  There’s not too much that’s more enjoyable than a nice cool day, the smell of fresh dirt and a profitable task accomplished. 

With all this activity it’s easy to forget that we’re on the brink of the holiday season.  Thanksgiving is tomorrow.  I have zero responsibilities (a nice bonus of being 9 months pregnant) so it’s not really sunk in yet.  It doesn’t quite feel the same without all the fuss over linens and table settings, etc.  But I suppose it’s good to be thankful for the rest.  I doubt we’ll be getting to much of that after next week. 

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.



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