A good deal for mamas…

Here’s a good deal for all you mamas, mamas to be or friends of new mamas!  How about 100% OFF a new baby carrier from Seven Slings?  These are the same folks that gave us Udder Covers.  (yes, I know it’s a rather unfortunate name, but they really are adorable!)  I have a Laila gift set from them just waiting for the arrival of little Miss Tali.  You can check it out at the Udder Covers site.black sling

Back to Seven Slings – I’ve been wanting to try out a sling but, goodness, there’s so many to choose from!  When I received the promo code for a free sling + shipping, I decided to give it a try.  My sling is in the mail and on it’s way as we speak.  I ordered the Black Magic style, by the way. 

If you’d like to get your own sling (or better yet, get one as a gift for a new mom!) just use the PROMO code “THANKSGIVING” during checkout.

Go to www.sevenslings.com, click on “Shop Now” and select the correct size sling or gift set you would like (be sure to visit the sizing page for instructions on how to select the right size carrier for you). Once you have selected the sling or gift set you would like – enter the promo code Thanksgiving into the promo code box and click “Apply Code”. This will bring your total from $39.00 to $0 for one of the carriers or from $44.00 to only $5 for a 3-piece gift set – all you are required to pay is the shipping fees!

This promotion code is valid once per transaction! You can use it more than once –you just have to open a new window to do so.

Let me know which one you order and what you think of it once it arrives.  I’ll be sharing my thoughts after Tali has an opportunity to try out our new sling and cover.



What are your thoughts?

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