sweet corn!

Sweet corn!  I love sweet corn.  In fact, my husband calls me Sweet Corn as a pet name.  (I don’t know.  He’s odd.)  There are certain foods that drum up warm fuzzy feelings of being a kid and enjoying dirt and sun and everything that makes summer magical.  Every time I bite into a juicy cob of corn, I am instantly brought back to childhood.  Summer days spent in the bed of a pickup truck overflowing with ears of corn.  My dad at the bed of the truck with a cutting board and a huge knife, slicing corn off the cob.  We’d all be shucking corn and tossing it over to him.  Those were the days.

We’ve enjoyed some yummy corn this summer, though none of our own yet.  I’ll get to that bit later.  But for now, I thought I would share my favorite way to prepare corn on the cob.  If you want juicy, I mean really juicy corn, then this is recipe for you.  It’s so simple, you don’t even need a recipe. 

photo by Sanoop Juicy Corn on the Cob

*What you will need:

lots of corn on the cob

a large stock pot


butter and salt (optional unless you’re from the south)

I told you this was ridiculously simple.  Shuck your corn and if you have littles break the cobs in half.  It’s easier for them to manage a small cob.  Place the corn in the pot and fill the pot with water – enough to cover the corn by a few inches so it has plenty of room to move around.  Cover the pot, heat on high and wait for it to boil.  Don’t just stand there though.  Go do something because a watched pot never boils.  Trust me, I know this from experience.

Once you get a good boil going turn off the pot and let the corn sit for up to three hours or so.  The longer the corn sits the juicier it is.  Drain it just before dinner and serve slathered in butter and salt.  Mmmm, now I want some corn.


photo by Kia Abell So about our corn.  It’s actually growing.  I didn’t really think it would do much but it is.  Only one problem – ants.  And as I’ve done a little digging, it’s actually two problems – ant and aphids.  Yep, the corn actually grows and we get ants and aphids.  Yay.  After some more digging, I’ve come up with mixture to hopefully get rid of them. 

Corn spray -  warm water, vegetable oil and a little bit of eco-friendly liquid soap.   



Well, right away the ants died. lol  We’ll see what happens with the aphids.  Knowing ants, they’ll probably have a fresh crew out there come tomorrow morning. 



2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Sheila Jackson on July 13, 2010 at 12:28 am

    My mom always puts a scoop of sugar in her water before it boils. My corn did not do very good this year. I’m not sure if it was the seed (I tried different this year) or not getting rain at the right time. My grandpa always said to get a good crop of corn it needs to come a good rain when the corn is about a foot tall and again when the tassels are first coming on! We do have enough for several meals, I just won’t be able to put it up in the freezer this year. We’ll really miss that come Christmas.


    • Posted by knittingprose on July 13, 2010 at 8:51 am

      Oh what a bummer! We’re thinking about putting in two more raised beds just for the corn next year. Doing one bed with an early variety and one late. We’ll see how well it this years does first. Last night I noticed two other plants with aphids. grr. I just have no idea if it’s gonna make it. The squash that’s in that bed isn’t look so hot either now. *sigh*


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