summer, garden and news…

The first day of summer and it’s already well into the 90’s here.  Everything in the garden is green and huge.  The cucumbers have just about taken over everything.  The tomato plants are getting taller than me and the potatoes are in desperate need of more covering.  Believe it or not the lettuce is still hanging around though I noticed today those heads I should’ve picked yesterday were taste-tested by the woodchuck living under our shed.  He conquered every bit of the broccoli long ago and I was happy to let him have it as long as it kept him out of everything else.  Until today, he hadn’t really bothered much. 

Aprons are on the sewing machine at the moment.  All this fabric needs some new homes and hopefully I’ll be able to sell it off in cute little aprons.  I’m also putting together some patterns for dresses.  Abigail has picked out two purple fabrics from the stash and is crazy about the idea of a new purple dress.  The thought of printing out and piecing together 55 sheets of pattern from Sense and Sensibility wasn’t all that alluring when I was planning on making a single dress for myself.  Now that Abigail will need hers out of the same packet I figured it was about time I get going on it. 

Not only that… but I’m going to need that drawstring dress before too long.  I’m very happy to share that we are expecting a child come November.  : )  It’s been a nerve-racking road but joyful nonetheless.  We lost two children three years ago and I came within minutes of my own death during that time.  After all these years, being pregnant again… I find myself hesitant but really savoring it this time.  And yet, trying hard not to get my hopes up. 




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