why i love winter…

look what i spied smiling at the sun this morning


the first flax flower.  I planted these seeds last year and never saw more than tall sprigs.  At one point, I thought the poor thing was a goner when I’d gone out of town and forgot to leave instructions for its care.  but with a little love and care… they greened back up.  and finally after months and months of waiting I got this beautiful gift. 

sometimes i feel dried up like my little flax flower, all brown and brittle.  but the Lord is faithful when I’m not.  he fills me with His living water when i’m on brink of a drought.



the chamomile is doing very well and has been blooming for quite a while now.  chamomile

it’s nice to have this beautiful bit of color in the midst of the gray winter.  i love winter for it’s wonderful surprises.  with all its harshness and colorless void, it makes beauty so much more beautiful.  i look out in awe at the way the snow covers everything and makes it wondrously perfect.  a tiny burst of color from a flower can brighten an entire day.  the taste of a just ripened tomato becomes an anticipating smile…

winter makes the spring so much more welcoming.  a lot like life… it makes heaven so much more welcoming.


What are your thoughts?

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