Here it is Tuesday already.  I had surgery last week to repair a very rare congenital diaphragmatic hernia and I’ve been sorta out of it.  I can definitely already tell a big difference in the results though.  Basically the surgery was to put a large portion of my intestines that had made their way up around my heart back where they belong and then patch a large hole in my diaphragm to keep them from finding their way back.  While the pain is still very unpleasant I definitely feel alot better.  Breathing is the hardest thing, as my diaphragm will take quite a while to heal completely.  It hurts the most.  I find it slightly comical that my doctor has ordered me, a homeschool mom of 4, not to lift over 5 lbs. for a month or to strain.  Seriously? 

I’ve had lots of time for reading and I’m about halfway through Irresistible Revolution.  So far, it’s pretty much what I expected and very encouraging in what I feel God has been laying on my heart. 

My mom is here with us this week.  Bless her heart!  She’s had to take care of me recovering from surgery, my kids (who’ve been ill with the flu) and my poor husband who came home sick with the flu.  Believe it or not we did manage to get some sewing done.  Saturday was her birthday and we managed to make a trip to the Goodwill where we scored another sheet and two pillowcases.  All for $3.oo!  Out of all that, we were able to make 2 shirts, a dress, a skirt and an apron.  I’ll post some pics of them in the plain dress section a little later. 

I just wanted to remind everyone to be thankful for talented doctors and loving mothers who take excellent care of their patients to the glory of our most awesome Father. 

What are your thoughts?

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