medicinal herbs This week I spent some time making herbal remedies and trying my hand at infusions.  First, I made an herbal healing salve.  Using comfrey, calendula, plantain and St. Johnswort I ended up with a wonderful salve scented with lavender.   It feels very nice on the skin and I’ve gotten into a habit of using it as a lip balm.  One thing is for sure, I’ll have healthy soft lips all winter!  = )

My batch of dried herbs made 4 tins and 2 nice size jars of salve.  This was so so quick and easy to make.  Next time I may make a batch of lip balm and will definitely cold infuse the oils.  I used the stove for fast results this week. 

Next I tried an herbal infusion of nettles.  I didn’t finish the whole jar but I drank most of it over the course of two days.  I mixed it with some pomegranate lemonade and the kids had a few sips.  I love all the nutrients you get from these wonderful infusions.  The best vitamin ‘pill’ you could take. 

 echinacea Soon I’m hoping to start an echinacea tincture.  I just need to get some vodka from the store.  This will take about six weeks to finish so it will be awhile before I have echinacea tincture on hand to dispense out for colds – mid December maybe? 

My herbs and flowers in pots are coming along.   I’ve got catnip, calendula, lemonbalm, chamomile, lavender, feverfew and flax all sitting in my window sills stealing as much sunlight as they can.  The lavender looks like its seen better days but there’s a big patch of it out in the yard, so I’m not too worried about it.  I think it’s okay.  I’m using what was left of my nettle infusion to water them a little.  Give em a boost.

elderberryMy mind has been set on elderberries here lately.  I missed harvest season as I know of nowhere to harvest around here.  I’ll be on the lookout all spring for the plants, though.  I’m considering ordering some dried berries from Mountain Rose.  They have very reasonable prices on the berries and I’d love to have some elderberry syrup.  We’ll see how finances hold up this week. 


**P.S.  Just as I was writing this post, my poor Mags came down with the flu.  It’s getting very likely the elderberries will be on the way soon.**


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  1. They are quicker to suffer damage from light, oxygen and heat. Herbal Medicine


  2. Posted by magdalenaperks on October 28, 2009 at 12:25 pm

    I’ve been an herbalist for many years now, and your remedy-crafting sounds like so much fun! Do you know about garlic wine? Mach a clove of garlic, put in a cup of red wine, let sit for about 20 minutes, ad take over the next few hours, a tablesoon or so at a time. It will knock down colds, flu, and according to herb mythology, the plague!


    • Posted by knittingprose on October 31, 2009 at 11:19 pm

      awesome! no, Magdalena, I had no idea about garlic wine. Though I’ll definitely give it a try! I’m just getting into herbal things, really. I’ve had interest for years but never was it the right season. I’m enjoying the process as well as all the things I’m learning.

      We’ve had a bit of the plague here lately. Zion and Magdalene have both been sick for 3 days with fever and a nasty cough. Hopefully, we will be plague-free by the end of the week!
      Thanks again for the recipe!


  3. Your blog on herbs looks wonderful. It was nice going through your blog. keep it up the good work. Cheers 🙂


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