One of the really awesome things God has been doing near me is drawing my sister to Him.  I’ve sisters2seen her faith strengthened over the last month in great ways and it’s such a joy and blessing to be able to worship with her.  We’ve always been fairly close.  I love that we are able to connect in this way, though.  It’s like a double closeness.  I feel close to her because she’s my sister; only 18 months older than I and sharing the same closet for many of our old skeletons.  And as a sister in Christ, I feel close to her.  Sometimes you can have a more meaningful relationship with a fellow believer than you do with the closest members of your own family.  So for us to share both of these things so dearly – it’s like… WOOT! lol  sundae with the cherry on top. 

We’ve been discovering each other all over again, it seems.  Lifting each other up in prayer, admonishing each other in love, giving encouragement to look to our heavenly Father for faith – ways in which we’ve never really connected before.  It’s exciting.  = )

I came across this poem today and thought I’d share it here to encourage all my sisters in Christ…

Take my hand my sister,sisters
I wish to help you along.
Just knowing there are two of us
can help to make you strong.
I know life seems unfair,
and sometimes gets you down,
But know that I am here for you,
I’ll always be around.
So set a day aside,
and together we will walk,
Down all your troubled pathways,
for it helps sometimes to talk.
If you should need some time
to do this on your own,
Then I will be here waiting,
since you wish to be alone.
I guess I want to say,
that I hold your friendship dear.
And if you ever need me,
just reach out, cause I am here.
–Author Unknown


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Sheila Jackson on October 18, 2009 at 2:42 am

    I love that poem! Sisters are such a blessing and like you said its a double blessing when they are both birth sisters and sisters in the Lord! There are only 15 months difference between me and my sister and she means the world to me.


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