Awesome bread…


While our last round of bread baking wasn’t exactly a blunder, I knew there was better bread to be had.  And, oh my, was I right.  I tried baking a loaf of the American Sandwich Bread last week and it was pretty good.  A tiny bit dense, but I think I may have just about killed the yeast.  My mistake.  I made another and this time, it was perfect.  See…

It was sooo good, the kids and I ate half the loaf right away.  hehe  I ended up making two more loaves the night before a roadtrip and took them with me.  At 1 am I popped them out of the pans and wrapped them up, ready for our journey.  Home baked bread is such a wonderful gift.  It represents so many things – giving of one’s time, service, nourishment. 

This recipe is absolutely wonderful.  It’s fairly quick and very reliable.  I do not own a mixer and just kneaded my dough on the counter instead mixing for 10 minutes.  The dough definitely tells you when it’s ready by it’s silky smooth consistency. 

My next bread challenge: Same bread every week  though I can’t imagine it being better that the American Sandwich Bread recipe.  It really is that yummy.



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  1. Posted by Papathompson on July 25, 2010 at 6:47 am

    Hey. You know, I love to bake bread too. My wife does the daily bread baking, two loaves a day, usually, but now and again, she lets me have the pleasure.


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