A simple shirt and skirt…

A couple weeks ago I ventured into sewing clothes.  Abs was in desperate need of something to wear so she was my first guinea pig priority.  : )  After bunches of searching and scouring the google hits, I finally settled on this skirt, the Twirly Skirt.

This is a wonderful tutorial.  It has step by step instructions, tons of pictures and clear instructions.  One thing you’ll need to watch closely is the sizing.  You may find this chart to be helpful.  I needed a size bigger than offered in the tutorial – a size 10 for an 8 year old.  After a little bit of math, I was able to decide on a good size and of course, I added some length. 

PICT1951 (now, when I took the picture the skirt had recently been lying in my daughter’s bedroom floor… hence, all the wrinkles)

The fabric was from a huge tub full of things my mom had recently given me.  Gotta love FREE!

Now that she had a cute skirt, Abs needed a shirt to match.  So, once again, the search was on.  I discovered blueprints and the peasant blouse.  As stated in the tutorial, you can either cut this one straight or give it an A-line.  I wish I had narrowed the top a bit because I made it quite long.  It does kinda look like a sack with cute trim.  Not too bad, really.  I mean, it is called a peasant top.  But Abs wears her skirts under her belly bulge and when she lifts her arms, regular length tops tend to show her tummy.  She needed some extra length to hide her ‘shame’ as the kids call it.PICT1952 Anyhoo, I like the end result pretty well and I at least know what I’ll do different on the next one.  I’d like to get some patterns for more shirts.  Sleeves just freak me out.  I’d much rather have a ‘set in stone’ pattern to turn to for something like that.  Until I get my hold on them anyways. 

Next I think I’ll try something for myself…

What are your thoughts?

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