A couple skirts…

After the success of the twirly skirt I decided to attempt an adult skirt.  I was able to get three crisp white heavy linen sheets at the Goodwill for $2.00 each.  They are perfect – no spot or tear.  I used part of one to make another child’s apron.  This one, though seen here being modeled by my son, was given to my sweet niece. 

My son asked if this apron was made for him and I had to tell him “no”.  So I’ve promised that I will make him one also.  The white one does resemble a butcher’s apron a bit.  Okay maybe not exactly but I’ll come up with a more ‘manly’ apron design for him. 




Another sheet was used to make one of the adult skirts – the second one.  The first one I managed was made using some leftover fabric from my daughter’s bedroom curtains.  lol  Hey, when you have it, use it!  The fabric is pretty thin and not the softest stuff in the world, so I lined the skirt using some soft off-white fabric I found. 

Making skirts without a pattern isn’t the easiest thing in the world… you would think.  I found a great tutorial on it though.  OneCraftyGirl has a super easy patternless A-line skirt tutorial and it really is super easy.   I used this to make skirt #1.  I calculated my waist and added about 5 extra inches of fabric for the waist.  Next I measured my length from my waist to about mid-calf and added a couple inches to that.  Voila!  Instant pattern using the tutorial.  Only thing… I didn’t write any of this down.  I just needed a skirt, drew it directly onto the fabric and cut it out.  Because I made a liner for my skirt I just folded the two sets of material as described in the tutorial and stacked them on top of each other before I cut them, making all the pieces the exact same size.  A little stitching and a whole lot of ironing later…


The second skirt happened a few days later.  I used one of the Goodwill sheets for the skirt and lining.  Knowing I didn’t want just a solid white skirt, a trim of some sort was in order.  A few months ago I had made a bag that I absolutely love and carry daily.  The colors are my favorites – rich blues, greens, browns.  With just a little bit of fabric leftover from that project, I decided this would be the best choice.  Not only were they my favorite colors but with so many colors, I could wear a variety of tops with it. 

PICT1784 The white skirt is longer than the first; it’s ankle-length.  The trim is actually strips I sewed together and then cut into 6 in. long sections giving me a 2 1/2 in. trim length.  I absolutely love this skirt.  Ankle-length skirts are the most comfortable things in the world to wear and with this one, it’s like being wrapped up in a cool, comfy blanket… er, sheet.  : )

I can’t wait to make some more.  I’ll be scouring the Goodwill and yard sales for more pretty sheets over the next few weeks! 

Tops are my next project to tackle, though I don’t think I can do this without a pattern.  Sleeves are very intimidating to me.  We’ll see what I find around the internet this week.



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  1. I love apron.


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