New coverings…

This conviction God has laid on my heart continues to grow stronger.  I’ve really felt the need to cover full time but when you only have one covering… that’s brown… well, you can’t wear brown with everything.   Okay, I suppose you can, but I have no desire to stick out like a sore thumb with my mismatched head covering.

A couple days ago I received two new coverings from Garlands of Grace.  I chose GoG because they advertised their coverings as non-slip, with ties or with elastic and no funny flaps.  And they’re beautiful.  Now, I do not say this with vanity in mind.  Just as I do not want to stick out for wearing a mismatched head covering, I do not want to stick out with a pretty one either.  This may seem like a contradiction to some – not wanting to ‘stick out’ yet wearing something that would make you ‘stick out’.  But Beloved, I do not wish for people to look at my head coverings and see me.  I want them to look at my head coverings and see God.  To cover your head, one does not need, nor should they try to make it ugly or unappealing.  Please hear me out here.  I want women to know that you can follow Paul’s instruction to cover your head and it be beautiful.  It reminds me of the tabernacle God commanded the people of Israel to build.  The holy things and places of God were adorned and made beautiful – created with the most beautiful cloths, fine gold, the best wood; made by the most skilled craftsmen.  By adorning the objects in the tabernacle as well as the tent itself, they were given honor and importance.  A beautiful head covering is a symbol of a woman honoring and giving importance to the authority God has placed over her.  She is saying, “I take seriously, yea, love the role God has given to me.  I honor His authority and sovereignty in my life and wish to give it great importance by placing this beautiful symbol on my head.”  (1 Cor. 11:10)

Please consider covering your head, my dear woman.  It is a blessing beyond measure to the wearer.

Back to my new coverings…  I purchased the Suzanne covering in cream.  This is a very simple, plain covering.  I love it for its simplicity.  This veil is truly lightweight.  I can barely feel it on my head.  Sadly it does tend to slip a bit so I will wear clips with it when I’m out.  But at home, I’m comfortable without the clips and it rarely slips off, just slides back slowly over the passing hours.  I have a very small slope in the back of my head.  The ties and elastic in most coverings tend to slip because they just don’t have much to anchor to.

The other item I purchased was the Victorian style snood.  I do believe this one is my favorite.  I love that it gets my hair off my neck without the use of a rubberband.  Having my hair up usually results in a headache.  : (  But not with the snood.  I love the color.  Love the style.  It’s pretty and practical.  : )

I’m hoping to sew up a similar one in white…  We’ll see about that.


What are your thoughts?

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