Breaking Bread…

I used to love the PBS show, Breaking Bread with Father Dominic.  I wonder if anyone else remembers that one.  It’s not on around here anymore.  I sure miss that show.

There really is something special and alluring about home-baked bread.  I used to make home-baked pizza dough all the time and my family beg for it constantly.  They love mom’s pizza.  : )

Here lately, we’ve taken up the bread baking again.  Abs and I spent a day last week baking a couple of loaves and they turned out pretty yummy. 

PICT1749 We used the beginner’s bread recipe from Hillbilly Housewife.  Abs used sugar in her recipe and I used honey. 


We let it rise too long, I think, for the first rise.  Grocery shopping calls – what can you do? 

PICT1752 So I spent the evening waiting for the second rise and then the baking, all the while enjoying an episode of Jeopardy.  It was good.  : )

And here’s our bread.


Okay Abs’s loaf is pretty and mine’s pretty ugly.  lol  That’s okay.  I’m still learning. : )

Here are some other bread recipes I can’t wait to try:

    Home Baked Bread also has many other wonderful-looking recipes and some good information on baking bread.  Go take a peek.



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